Digital Marketing Intern, Copywriter, Designer

I interned at Rise Vision for two consecutive summers- my first role was as an intern on the digital marketing and copywriting team, and my second position involved working as a designer and front-end developer on the Creative team.

Rise Vision is a free, cloud-based, content management software for digital signage. It's a small company of about 30 people who work entirely using SCRUM. Working at Rise Vision, I lead the company’s content marketing strategy, created a comprehensive ebook to collect inbound leads, developed a template library for digital signage, and managed the company’s email and social media marketing strategies.


Email Marketing

I organized and led Rise Vision’s Email Newsletter which acted as the company’s primary tool for email marketing.

I coordinated the content and copy for the company’s weekly newsletter which included information about deals, promotions, new products, links to helpful posts in the Rise Vision help community, among others.

I ran weekly A/B tests that experimented with call to action buttons, layout, design, content and subject lines.

I lead the design and development of several redesigns of the newsletter that I tested against previous iterations. Below is an example of a redesign I implemented with custom HTML and CSS. This design improved the open rate by 8% and the click rate by 1.2%.



Content Creation

I researched, wrote, and designed graphics for the Rise Vision blog as a tool for SEO and lead generation that resulted in a 40% increase in traffic, and a 25% increase in visits to the website over a four month period.

I developed a content strategy based on keyword research, popular queries in the company’s community forum, as well as relevant user stories and case studies. I wrote and optimized pieces for best performance using SEO and targeted keywords. I submitted numerous pieces to content aggregators such as Medium, WebDesigner News, and Muzli for further reach and engagement. I established relationships with several reputable figures in the digital signage community who featured our content on their own channels, serving as external links to the blog. I also lead design changes to the design and layout of the blog which increased page views by 30% and lead to longer user sessions.

I conducted several technical SEO audits of the blog, and optimized all past content for better visibility and search performance. I tracked the blog's performance through Google Analytics and turned results into actionable insights that informed content creation and strategy. I managed the blog using SCRUM and Kanban- tracking and validating each piece, and iterating on tone, voice, and subject matter for improved performance with every release.

You can check out the Rise Vision blog here.

Here are a few of the pieces that I wrote and designed graphics for:

Our First Design Sprint
How We Are Using Jobs to Be Done
Digital Signage Placement – It’s All About Location
In-Home Digital Signage

Social Media

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I managed, planned, and wrote an ebook for digital signage that has been used as gated content to collect qualified leads. The ebook was advertised on the company’s Webinar page and users were directed to a field where they were prompted for their information in exchange for a free digital copy of the guide.

The guide simplified the process of getting started with digital signage. It provided users with information on answers to common questions, best practices, and hardware requirements.

The ebook generated a 10% increase in the qualified leads.

You can view the ebook here.


Template Library

I directed, designed, and built a library of templates for use with digital signage. The goal of this project was to create a recurring subscription product that could be bundled with existing subscription plans as a value-added feature as well as a tool for capturing inbound leads.


Through user interviews and analysis of user data, we recognized that users were struggling to follow through with their digital signage solutions once they had signed up for an account. We observed that this was primarily due to the difficulty behind designing an engaging presentation.


My team and I developed the idea for a template library that contained customizable designs for a variety of purposes.

We pre-validated the idea through our sales team, asking them to introduce the concept to clients and prospective customers and initiate feedback. This allowed us to create an estimate of the number of initial subscribers.

From there, I lead the development of the product. I leveraged user feedback to drive template concepts and the level of design complexity, and continuously improved the product through analysis of usage and adoption data, as well as qualitative feedback from user interviews. I Incorporated feedback into new iterations of the product which has lead to a 40% month over month increase in total subscribers.


The template library now has approximately 600 subscribers, with rising subscriptions every month. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and the team is continuing to grow and improve the product.

The initial template designs were built in Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. The designs were then transferred to Rise Vision’s CMS. Many of the designs use custom code and web animations.

For seamless adoption of the product, I created instructional videos, highlight videos, and promotional animations that guide users through the process of using the templates in the library.

You can see the template library live here.