marketing manager

Shelby Naturals is a natural skincare company that is sold both locally in Toronto and the GTA, and internationally through the company’s website. The company is 2 years old and has seen significant growth within the last year. My role at Shelby Naturals involved managing the website, leading the development and execution of the marketing strategy, as well as creating and designing promotional materials for social media.


I managed the creation of a YouTube channel that has acted as a unique brand touchpoint and inbound marketing tool.

I recognized that YouTube is a great medium to educate customers on skincare, and to capture the interest of qualified potential customers through the creation of weekly videos on trending topics. The YouTube channel now has 595 subscribers and videos see an average of 500 views. YouTube has generated 40% of sales in the last month.

Below are several thumbnail images I designed to capture the attention of users on the site.

"Ask Shelby"


I recognized that many customers were failing to purchase products that would benefit their needs as they did not understand the composition and nature of oil-based products.


I proposed that we run a weekly “Ask Shelby” thread across the brand’s social media channels which would act as a tool for educating customers on the composition of the skin, the ingredients used in the products, and how they are beneficial to the skin.


The thread appears in the form of a question on social media with a call to action, prompting users to engage with the thread by asking a question that Shelby would answer in the post directly or through a related YouTube video. The project has been a successful tool for educating and attracting potential customers. It's success can be associated with a 15% increase in sales over the last four months.

Video Content

Using video footage I filmed at a brand photoshoot, I created a Cyber Monday commercial advertisement to engage customers on social media. The commercial showed the products in use and provided details of the sale. This advertisement engaged 1K users and lead to weekend sales of $2000.


I lead the design and development of the brand’s website redesign with the goal of optimizing search engine performance and improving the purchasing experience.

I managed the conversion from Squarespace to Shopify, with the goal of utilizing Shopify’s sales dashboards and checkout process that accommodates for multiple currencies. This solution has allowed the brand to scale internationally.I introduced the idea to display product testimonials that would serve as social proof and encourage sales, and the presence of a best sellers section that displays the company’s most popular products.

You can see the site live here.

Product Labels

I designed new product labels with the goal of attracting customers and encouraging sales.


Shelby Naturals has a "Daily Essentials" kit with three essential products that can be purchased as a kit or sold separately. However, at sales shows, the 3 essential products were often displayed apart and with no indication that they should be used in conjunction for best results. As a result, customers were not purchasing the set as the products had no apparent associations.


I redesigned the labels to communicate the message of a set, and in what order they should be used.


This redesign has communicated the use of the product to customers and has resulted in a 15% increase in sales of the essential kit as well as many positive complements on the product's design.